November 25th, 2008

Finger Star

Picture Prompt Ficlet: Little Angel (1/1)

Oooh, I just realized it's my first time putting one of these in an ES fic, so y'all may not know my favorite little acronym yet: TBW = Tissue Box Warning, or in other words a fic that has the potential to make you cry.

Title: “Little Angel”
Author: Veritas Found
Rating: K Plus / PG / All Ages
Characters/Pairings: Jordan Wethersby, Eli Stone, Misc. Characters
Summary: He felt richer than ever, especially when looking at the sunshine curls of his granddaughter.
Disclaimer: Eli Stone and all respective properties are © ABC. Megan D. (Veritas Found) does not, has never, nor will ever own Eli Stone.
Author's Note/Warnings: Written for Prompt #15 in the November Picture Prompts over at Eli Stone Fic. Canon-compliant until 02x05. Possible TBW.