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Drabble: Baby Talk (Matt/Taylor)

So, this little Matt/Taylor popped into my head after this week's episode. There may be more because the idea of Matt and fatherhood is too cute.

Matt was sitting up in bed reading when Taylor came into the bedroom. As she readied herself for sleep she noticed him making a face.

"What are you reading?"

He held up the book so she could see, his eyes not wavering from the page.

"The Complete Book of Pregnancy and Childbirth? Where did you get that?"


Taylor shook her head, but she was more surprised than anything. She also felt a little annoyed that he'd managed to be more prepared than she had. So far she was still in something a state of shock over the pregnancy, but Matt seemed to have gotten over this stage quickly.

"What's with the face?" she asked when he grimaced again.

"I have just read the two most disturbing words in the English language... 'mucus plug'."

"Give me that." She held out her hand for the book and dumped it unceremoniously on the floor by her side of the bed.

"Seriously. I didn't need to know that."

"You're the one who bought the book."

"Did you know about the mucus plug?"

Taylor ignored him and she climbed into bed, pulling the covers over them both. Matt switched out the bedside light and settled back onto his pillow. He didn't snuggle up to her like he usually did so she nestled against him, her head on his shoulder.

"Do I need to see the mucus plug?" he asked.

Taylor sighed, then propped herself up on her elbow. "You don't need to see any of it if you don't want to."

Matt glanced at her then his eyes returned to the ceiling. "It's not that I don't want to be there, it's just no one ever said there'd be a mucus plug. I admit I skipped ahead a few chapters, but I haven't even gotten to actual baby coming out part yet. Mucus plug..."

"Will you stop saying that? I'm the one who has to go through it."


He was still frowning, and she knew the phrase was repeating in his mind. She settled back onto his shoulder.

"Stop thinking about it too."

Matt finally brought his arm around her to hold her closer. "Easier said than done."

"I do want to be there, you know," he said after a long pause.

Taylor smiled to herself. "Okay."

"But when the time comes, you know, with the m–"



"We have five months to prepare for this. Go to sleep."

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