Brinny (brin_bailey) wrote in elistonefic,

threadbare hearts and stethoscopes (PG, Eli Stone)

Title: threadbare hearts and stethoscopes
Author: Brinny
Characters/Pairing: Eli/Maggie, Eli/Beth, Nate/Beth (And there's some requisite Taylor, Patti, and Dr. Chen. I apologize for the lack of Matt and Jordan, who I promise I really do love. Oops.)
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 3,550
Notes: The fic follows a nonlinear style, but is numbered so you can choose to read it however you like.

It’s strange how all heartbeats sound like clocks, a slow and steady tick-tick-tick. And when the clock stops, your time is up.
Tags: author: [one-time poster], character: beth, character: dr. chen / frank, character: eli, character: maggie, character: nate, pairing: [romantic], pairing: eli x maggie, pairing: nate x beth, rating: k+ / pg / all ages, type: oneshot

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