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elistonefic's Journal

Eli Stone Fic
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For fanfic relating to the TV show Eli Stone

This is the place to post any stories relating to Eli Stone - drabbles, oneshots, multi-chaptered fanfics are all welcome, including crossovers. Please post appropriate spoilers and any warnings relating to adult content or slash so readers have a choice whether to dive in or not.

If you have a story idea but aren't up to writing it, feel free to post it here as inspiration for someone else. Fic requests, prompts and challenges are okay too.

If you do read and enjoy a story, please remember to comment - writers adore feedback.

It goes without saying that Eli Stone is owned by other, more talented folk. We do this because we want to support the show and grow interest in the fandom. No copyright infringement is intended.

Most importantly, watch Eli Stone!
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